Meet Kathy, an Award-Winning Realtor renowned for her expertise, exceptional service, and success in the industry.

With a background in real estate spanning over 20 years, Kathy has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex transactions and deliver outstanding results for her clients. Her numerous accolades are a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her dedication to the success of her clients in the purchase or sale of their homes. Her years of experience make her a valuable resource to her buyers as they explore our local communities and the diversity of lifestyles they provide, and she is a strong advocate and ally to her sellers as they move through the process of selling their home. You can trust that your goals and objectives will be honored, and your expectations exceeded through unparalleled customer service, proven marketing techniques and access to an expansive national and international real estate network.

Kathy's participation in the East Tennessee and Greater Knoxville Area real estate market reflects her confidence in the area’s continued real estate potential. She has a deep appreciation for the state's rich history and enjoys sharing the beauty of East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains with clients who are moving into the area or just moving between residences. With its favorable combination of housing options, quality of life, and economic opportunities, our local real estate market is expected to remain robust for the foreseeable future.

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